For what Appears to Osteoarthritis

Arthritis occurs as a result of wear of articular , a tissue that is between the bones and absorbs shock between them. Once it has appeared, advancing gradually, mainly affecting areas like the spine, knees, hands and hips.
Risk factors are age, because as time goes by cartilage wear is greater and more likely to suffer. Also some types of arthritis, such as hands, is often hereditary. Overweight and sedentary life from childhood make osteoarthritis is present at younger ages.
On the other hand, the bad practices of sport can cause sobrecarguemos joints, such as a bad or poorly made footwear. The postures repeated in specific work activities can also be risk factors.

Also women are more affected than men suffer since more than 52% of women, although it depends on the type. In women more affected by the overhead of a pregnancy, use of inappropriate shoes with heels … etc..
Common symptoms are pain, which occurs with the movement of the affected joint and subsides with rest. Alter usual periods without discomfort with acute episodes. Cracks can also be seen to move joints, fluid, limited movement and deformity especially in the fingers.
You can stop the evolution, taking the weight. Having healthy habits like sleeping on a flat bed, not sit in chairs sunk, have backed chair and ensure that the hips and knees are not excessively flexed or extended. Try moving the neck and shoulders if we have very rigid positions or change positions every few minutes.
While it is true that arthritis is a chronic disease, ie an occurrence does not stop moving, hence the importance of caring and remedy soon.