Liquefied Rice, Digestive and Light

This rice drink, which is obtained from the fermentation of rice grains, has excellent therapeutic properties. Its high digestibility and zero cholesterol intake are two of the biggest advantages of the consumption of this herbal preparation.
With its low fat, drink the liquefied rice plant is easier to digest. It is, therefore, a beverage to be taken into account by those who suffer from slow digestion or heavy. His take is very advisable in situations where no food is not tolerated due to gastroenteritis with vomiting or diarrhea, difficult postoperative course.
To prepare rice, cereal gluten free, lactose or casein, this drink may be taken without fear by people with celiac disease or those which present an intolerance or allergy to any component of milk.
As long as you choose a product that contains no added sugar, rice blending provides few calories. It is an option to consider when you need to kill the bug between.
Another reason to include the beverage of rice, a cereal which is also known as ‘the seed of serenity’ in the diet is because it contains B vitamins and magnesium, nutrients that help to balance the system nervous. Ideally, in this case is taking beaten with a ripe banana or consume it with oatmeal.
Also, the liquefied rice, unlike the rice cooking water, it saves the diarrhea, but it helps to regulate intestinal transit, which is very helpful in case of irritable bowel syndrome, for example.
Try using this drink rice milk instead of broth or cream processing plant, purees, risottos, crépres, etc..