Supplements and Vitamins

Supplements and VitaminsThe following article shows information on supplements and vitamins. This article aims to provide information on nutrition and health with an informative and not intended to substitute the advice of a nutrition professional or doctor. If you have health problems or questions regarding this article, supplements and vitamins, we suggest that you consult your doctor or nutritionist.

Some supplements and vitamins are beneficial for our body

While some supplements and vitamins on the market are not worth it, some supplements, like ephedrine, has been shown to be dangerous. Some vitamins and supplements, however, are healthy and beneficial for our body.

The most important thing to take supplements and vitamins, is that you need to understand what you are taking and strictly follow the dosage the same way as when you are prescribed a medication. If you are unsure, check with your doctor or a nutritionist.

Various supplements that are good for overall health are grape seed, glucosamine, aloe vera and selenium.

Some vitamins that is interesting to consider are vitamin E, vitamin C, vitamin B-12. Also important minerals like iron, magnesium and calcium and these can be found in specific supplements.