Embryoscope Using in vitro fertilization

Embryoscope Using in vitro fertilizationUsing a revolutionized fertilization Embryoscope for more than two years ago reproductive medicine. This new form of embryo selection allow a more customized and embryo real time, so that, before being transplanted into the uterus and photographs were obtainable embryo and check its quality at all times.

The use of embryo transfer is guaranteed incubator women have greater assurance of success. The images are taken continuously correspond to the developing embryo which is then implanted.

After this time, many private clinics that offer this technique and some, in addition to reproductive function is also being used to provide parents with images on the embryo in the early days as a souvenir.

Previously, to observe the characteristics of embryonic development or in a microscope, that out of the incubator was once or twice a day, which entailed a much greater chance of injury. Also by this technique the embryo is always in the same environment, which also reduces the chances of injury.

PregnanciesPregnanciesincreased by this technique is substantial, increasing the rate by 10%. The technique is often applied in older women or have had a failure in a previous IVF.

The use of this technology opens a wide avenue of hope to many women who undergo in vitro fertilization, which can be used for donor eggs, with low probability of success for an optimal embryo selection with this technique is a significant increase in the chances of obtaining a successful pregnancy.