Success In The Medical Mission World – What It Takes

When you think of great philanthropists, people like Bill Gates, Oprah and Elizabeth Rehnke come into mind. These people have contributed much of their wealth and resources to help the less fortunate in the society. Nevertheless, Elizabeth has done more than just signing the checks.

She has been down on the ground spearheading the fight against poverty, diseases and illiteracy. Among her most successful campaigns are her medical missions. These are medical visits to areas where medical attention is needed the most. She has been so successful with this since she has a comprehensive understanding of how to go about it.

What it takes for a success mission in the medicine world

The process of medical missions takes a lot of time and requires patience. First, you have to identify the area you will visit. Then next, you have to do research to obtain background information on the area regarding its people, population, climate, infrastructure and diseases. To be effective in your mission, you have to take into account the local people’s custom, traditions and culture. You have to be aggressive and bold when administering treatment yet gentle and caring when addressing their concerns. Without these qualities then you might as well consider your medical mission a failure.

Medical missions are achievable through a combination of various methods such as dispensary work, visits to homes, itinerating work, hospital work, and branch dispensaries. The latter method gives many missionaries a challenge.

The establishment of several dispensaries around the villages you have assisted is the last step after establishing a permanent hospital. This means that you have to look for more staff to be run those dispensaries. It also means you need more supplies and equipment. Obtaining these supplies and equipment might be easy with funding from a great philanthropist such as Elizabeth Rehnke. The only challenge might be getting a staff willing to work under such conditions.

To keep her team motivated, Elizabeth often pays visits to the various medical missions she has initiated throughout the globe. Though this is a very tiring work, she finds joy in helping people who would otherwise have no hope of improving their lot in life. Besides her love for helping the less fortunate, she finds time to pursue her other passions.  For instance, whenever she is at home, she loves baking and cooking. She has already mastered many recipes and continues to learn many more. She advocates for cleanliness and a hygienic society.