Surprising Bad Habits You Should Avoid To Prevent Aging

As much as we would desire it, we cannot remain young forever. There has been much debate among varying groups of scientist over whether or not humans are capable of remaining youthful all their lives. Some scientists believe that with the right body care, it is possible to never age, while others firmly believe it is impossible. However, the vast majority of cases have shown that aging is unavoidable. So eventually, you will face this process, if you are not already there. However, some habits that you may be practicing can make you appear older than you actually look. Here are some of them

  • Being too skinny – Of course, no one wants to be overweight or obese for health and beauty reasons. However, according to top dermatologists, being too thin can cause your skin to sag, which will make you look older. This is especially true when you lose too much weight suddenly.
  • Rubbing your eyes – At times when you feel itch around the eyes, your natural reaction is to rub your eyes. New information shows that constantly rubbing on sensitive skin such as the area around your eyes will cause dark spots, which make you look much older than you are.
  • Working when you should be asleep – During the night when we are asleep, the skin is busy repairing and renewing itself. If you deny it this opportunity by remaining awake throughout the night, it will begin to wrinkle quickly, thus making you look older. In addition, during the night the pH of the skin is at a different concentration making anti-aging products to penetrate better.
  • Sleeping styles – This might come as a surprise to many but the way you sleep can help you remain younger or look older. Many people sleep on the fetal position because it is comfortable but it actually hurts the skin. Sleeping on your stomach is also not good for your skin since you press your head on the pillow. You can try sleeping on your back and with time, you will get used to it.

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