Is It Time For A Stair Lift in Your Home?

Most people consider having a stair lift installed in their home only when they can no longer climb the stairs because of an injury or disability. While this is naturally a good reason to have a lift installed, you do not have to wait until climbing the stairs is no long possible. The lift can be a convenience or a safety measure to have even while you are still capable of climbing the stairs.

Sometimes, a person’s ability to climb steps is limited because they find themselves out of breath when climbing stairs. This can lead to lightheadedness and vertigo, which, when severe, could cause a fall.  Falls on stairs can have serious consequences. Just having feelings of hesitation about falling is enough reason to consider a stair lift for your home.

If you find yourself constantly asking others to go up and down the stairs, or you spend the majority of your time on one floor to avoid the stairs, TK Encasa has the products and service that can change this situation and give you unrestricted access to your entire home. No one should have to struggle to climb the stairs because they feel uncomfortable asking family embers to constantly bring them something from upstairs.

TK Encasa is a manufacturer of stair lift products, not a re-seller or dealer. You will not be buying an off-the-shelf system. Their certified experts will custom design a stair lift installation that fits your personal requirements and works perfectly with your stairway’s construction. Trying to fit a generic lift into a home can cause a dangerous situation where the user has to struggle to use the lift properly.

Stair lift styles include height adjustable seats and padded adjustable arm rests with choices of upholstery colours so your lift will fit in with your decor. There is a swivel seat option that is ideal for the wheelchair bound. Most all models fold up easily so whenever the lift is not being used, it will not be in the way.