Why BSN Programs Are Becomingly Increasingly Important For Nurses

Online RN-BSN programs are becoming increasingly important for nurses who need to get a bachelor’s degree to retain their job. Some hospitals are either only hiring nurses with a BSN degree and requiring currently employed nurses to obtain a BSN degree within a certain number of years.

Pending legislation in several states that would require all RNs to have a BSN degree has prompted a few hospitals to start requiring BSN degrees right now. For nurses who work full-time, this is not easy. Many nurses are already juggling work and family responsibilities, and attending school several nights a week would be a hardship for them.

With online RN-BSN programs, a nurse can attend classes where and when she chooses. For nurses that work evening and night shifts, this is especially convenient. Many programs only require a certain number of assignments to be completed each week, when a person completes them is up to them. A nurse who wants to take an extra shift (or is mandated to work overtime) does not have to worry about missing his or her class.

As nursing and patient care becomes more complex and hospital patients are older and sicker than ever before, expect more hospitals to hire BSNs over RNs. The theory is that the more education a nurse has, the better quality of patient are he or she can provide. While not every nurse agrees with this statement, it really only matters what hospitals ad other facilities that hire nurses believe. Besides, studies have shown that hospitals employing higher proportions of nurses with a BSN as opposed to an RN diploma, surgical patients experienced lower mortality rates.

RNs are highly encouraged to look into online RN-BSN programs before their employer mandates training. It could mean the difference between a promotion as it shows a proactive approach to patient care as opposed to waiting around for a BSN to be required.