Lose weight sleeping, is it possible?

 Health NewsNot only is it possible, it is scientifically proven that sleeping less than six hours severely impact our bodies, and especially in the processes that regulate weight control, making our efforts to control or lose weight vanish.

According to a study by Dr. Julie D. Shlisky and other researchers Pennsylavania State University, published in the Journal of the American Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (Journal of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics) there is an inverse relationship between sleep and obesity. A more sleep, less obesity.

The doctor and her team point out, through the analysis of the scientific literature, which have a reduced sleep (less than 6 hours) could increase the production of ghrelin (also called appetite hormone) and reduce the production of leptin (which regulates satiety) processes influencing consumption and energy expenditure, which significantly impact on weight control.
Also, this hormonal imbalance influences the type of food you select, including diet processes.
Basically, what the study says is that little sleep (less than 6 hours) as normal from a physiological standpoint is waking up hungry and feeling empty, regardless of what is eaten and hunger and emptiness ago sobrealimentemos we needlessly with unhealthy foods.

Looking at it from the opposite side, when we sleep the hours we have to sleep, got up without overeating and feeling of satiety.

Therefore, we can say in the light of these data adequate sleep (quality and quantity) allows us to control our weight better, keeping or losing if our purpose.

It is therefore important to ensure the quality and quantity of sleep. Some strategies that can help us to do this are:
Avoid demanding exercise, it decreases the ability to fall asleep, but exercise as meditation or yoga can help relax.
Eat moderately, avoiding heavy dinners with indigestion.
No caffeine or alcohol, it is obvious that stimulants such as coffee, tea or caffeinated beverages are not to be taken 4-6 hours before bedtime. The consumption of alcohol, which has a short-term effect adormilante can wake at midnight.
Turn off the television, computer or mobile phone to avoid distractions that keep us from sleeping.
Read a book, since it has been found that a few minutes of reading before bed help slow brain waves, making it easier to round down.
Listen to soothing music, it helps to calm our thoughts, de-stress and close the day harmoniously.