The stress at bay!

 Stress and DepressionIn this “crazy life” that we stress can be causing health problems unknowingly as this tension (sometimes inevitable), held in the body, can cause minor discomfort worse if not handled in a healthy way.

The best way to manage stress is to realize that there is a tension that often accompanies or most of the day, and take a moment to become aware of it.

This first step is the way to distance ourselves from our state to manage.
but … How much longer I can take? What I can do to reduce this stress?

Once distanced do everything in our power to meet this need in our lives and not wait to react until “explode”.

The first signs of stress include tension in your shoulders and neck or hands close into fists.

Note that this state may be triggered. It may be the wake up too tight in the morning, go always in a hurry, late nights and no sleep the right time, maybe certain people in your environment, work, etc.. will generate negative emotions.

2nd change how you react STRESS
Perhaps the first thing that comes to mind is to avoid the event / thing that causes stress. Very effective but very possible in all cases.

A second way is to change the way we react to certain stressful events. Something impossible …!, You think … but, I assure you that is the fastest way to use stress to achieve improvements in your life.
Prepare as best you can to deal with events that cause stress know you like to eat with people at work, when what you want is to go to the gym or go elsewhere despejarte
Give up being right in the conflicts. Try to accept all views and expose yours from a position of safety.
Set realistic goals both at home and at work
Order gradually Put in your room, your kitchen, your home, your office …
Play sports or physical activity
Try to see the changes in your life as a positive challenge rather than a threat.
Are you ready to leave your stress?

Your Health Coach can make you gain clarity in which damaging habits and how you can stop living in that state of daily stress.