What is Health Coaching?

 Health NewsWe want to be healthy, we want to be masters of our lives more and find better. But there is a huge gap between wanting to feel better and the daily reality of the enormous mental and physical wear, overeating, sedentary lifestyle and lack of time to relax.

Health Coaching, provides a set of experiences, learning and options specifically designed to promote healthy lifestyles. It is the most effective and innovative solution to help improve care and individual health and wellness.

Health Coaches are coaching professionals trained in health sciences and wellness using a powerful methodology in coaching psychology and neurolinguistic techniques and communication, which leads to a relationship specialist who behaves like a personal trainer for our health is concerned.

According to statements by the World Health Organization, “Health promotion is the process of enabling people to increase control over and improve their health.” In this health coaches act. They can help you get the weight you reduce if you wish, you regain the joy to begin again, to improve your mood, you leave dependencies, that better control of chronic illness, you can retrain your family to bring about healthy eating habits, or stress management know trusting your power to change.

From personal experience rather than simple advice, you can discover what is limiting your wellness and how to overcome it. The weight, cholesterol, stress symptoms, etc. are results of the choices you make in your everyday life, your lifestyle.

Improving disease is facilitated by becoming aware of everything that gives or takes away power and learning to listen to all messages (symbolic or explicit) that the body sends us. But the improvement or even cure require your action.

And, what’s in it for me health coaching?

Health Coaching is a new tool to enhance your wellbeing. We can remember the situation 10 years ago when personal trainers had to work to explain that offered personal value projects executive coaches, sports etc. Today, health coaches face the same challenge but in a field such as primary health and wellness.
Most people dealing with problems of exercise, nutrition, stress and health in general do not have time for the gym, or do not like the environment or want more privacy I need a personalized support desestigmatice your problem.
Many people have health problems that need not be pathological and that requires a different approach to react and to change. Eg. evil and eat too much because they are stressed, or do not exercise because your energy is low and they do not eat well, or start and abandon diets, or are decayed by the quality of their relationships, etc..
Unfortunately for many even know what they have to do, do not ever get to do and the problem becomes chronic. Most commonly intention having excess and poor execution. They do not have enough conviction (or not ready) to address what is seen as a long, winding road or impossible.
Health Coaches are trained to work starting from the mind, that is where the changes begin, making small progress through planned processes born of self and personal choice and through powerful questions that move you to action, giving feedback constructive, non-judgmental and valuable when volunteers to perform these developments, aware and durable.
A health coach will enable you to:
– Define your own vision and statement of welfare
– Be clear about what you want to change
– Be connected with what makes you want those changes
– Develop strategies to overcome obstacles to your vision creatively
– Take small steps towards your goals weekly
– Go beyond or faster than it had been your only

What you commit to you?
As a coaching client must commit:

– Prepare to become aware and make changes to your health and wellbeing
– Invest at least 3 months even see lasting change
– Take responsibility and want to improve in at least one area of ​​health in your life either exercise, nutrition, weight, stress, or lifestyle
– Recognize that the road to success and to a greater health is not something that changes suddenly and you can experience steps back over the road to your personal success