Know the danger of insulin resistance?

 Health NewsA dangerous factor to health diagnosed increasingly in medical consultations, characterized by the onset of insulin resistance, which increases the likelihood of developing the disease known as Type 2 diabetes

There is a fact that catches the eye in evolution and global disease is that the number of adults with diabetes has increased excessively between 1980 and 2008 (from 153 million to 347 million, WHO data), and these numbers have continued increasing over the years and will do so even more as future forecasts.

How important is “the symptom”?
People begin to have insulin resistance, are at risk of developing diabetes, but, as you may read recently in the prestigious journal “MayoClinic Health Letter” can prevent insulin resistance and pre-diabetes, and avoid thus the development of diabetes.No all is lost if you start to suffer insulin resistance and suspicion that a disease may be lurking.

How originates insulin resistance?

Stated very simply in people with insulin resistance, cells do not respond to insulin or glucose (body fuel), as a result, your body produces more insulin to overcome this resistance. With time the cells become more resistant body and can not maintain the level of production of insulin, so that the blood glucose levels rise and when it appears is diabetes.

What factors increase the risk of insulin resistance and pre-diabetes

– An unhealthy lifestyle is a risk factor for developing diabetes. Not exercising, eating saturated fats, and smoking are the main behaviors that are adding points to the likelihood of developing diabetes.

– Obesity, especially excess fat around the abdomen is another risk factor that can be easily modified to prevent development of type 2 diabetes.

There is increasing drugs that can treat type 2 diabetes (metformin, oral antidiabetics, etc..) But the best thing is to know that we can prevent, act in time and from oneself.

As prevent insulin resistance and diabetes prevent

If you have a history of diabetes, or your doctor has warned of insulin resistance, begins to change and follow these 4 tips to reduce the risk of this disease in the future and ruin your quality of life:

– Bring a healthy diet
– Make physical activity
– Keep a weight-adjusted normal range and avoid becoming overweight or obese
– Abandon the snuff