Why Obsessive Precautions Increase Anxiety and Unhappiness?

Why obsessive precautions increase anxiety and unhappinessIt is that people tend to anxiety are very obsessive with their health. Any abnormal heart palpitation relate it to a cardiac arrest. By a slight headache and thought we give you a stroke. For a simple dizziness may be caused by not eating well, for a climate with high temperature, because of pregnancy or lack of hydration, we believe that we have an incurable tumor in the head and that we are going out for the eyes. Is it true what I just said, right?

Okay worry about our health. Being healthy is a priority if we want to have a nice and happy life. The problem arises when we become obsessed with our health too. If we live differently worried about each symptom in our bodies (which are often natural changes in humans that occur at puberty, or in the case of pregnancy, to name a few examples), we’ll be going to the doctor all the time. It gets worse still, there are people who have been dozens of times by the same doctor. Not convinced by what he said the first, and go to a second, then a third and so on for everything that happens (and if they are not sent to psychology).

Other people not only care about themselves, but have an obsession for the rest. It can be your partner, your parents, your friends, etc.. They call all the time to ask them how they are and they are so annoying that people no longer want to receive calls from him or her. Then they think they do not want to be their friends, that they forget they exist and foremost, these obsessive people get upset about that. Therefore, it creates an atmosphere of unhappiness and sometimes depression, all for worrying too much about health.

Again, wanting to be healthy is beneficial and admirable, but we must not forget that obsessions can be very dangerous and counterproductive.