Cured with Biznaga

The value of this plant called biznaga over the years is reflected in many popular sayings that praise its great healing properties, although in Egypt was the plant of choice in the treatment of kidney stones and in the Middle Ages, was considered a remedy that cures everything.
For example, for menstrual pain biznaga infusion is used to great effect in the treatment of uterine spasms, being a very useful remedy in case of periods that cause pain.
Also biznaga infusion, mixed with equal parts damiana, cinnamon and mint, is a formula often used to increase sexual libido. It has diuretic and soothing and antispasmodic, but its decision must be avoided in case of pregnancy and during lactation.
Due to its antispasmodic and calming infusion of barrel cactus, especially when supplemented with a carminative plant, such as fennel, anise or licorice, calms upset bowel movements experienced by people suffering from gas, the syndrome irritable bowel.
It is an infallible remedy against asthma, but are very sharp if not always relief, but the barrel cactus is a great help in preventing asthma attacks. In fact, an asthma drug widely used in conventional medicine uses a chemical derivative called Quelina. To relax and dilate the bronchi, therefore, the infusion of this plant is also indicated in case of bronchitis or pulmonary emphysema.
As a curious note that once, barrel cactus seeds were used as makeshift toothpick or better known as chopsticks. In Arab cuisine culinary use it as seasoning. Its slightly spicy taste, reminiscent of cardamom.