3 Apparent Reasons How Satori World Medical Has Become an Accomplished Medical Travel Firm

Satori World Medical is considered as one of the best and most respected medical travel companies in the United States for variety of reasons. One of these reasons is its innovative program called ‘Health and Shared Wealth.’ This program allows patients to share the savings they got from choosing a Satori-affiliated hospital over a local hospital with their employer or plan sponsor. This program has gained the company’s popularity as it received different commendations from certain organizations including Society for Human Resources Management, and different media outfits like NBC, ZDNet, and Newsweek. In 2009, with the help of its innovative program, the company was named as one of the brilliant companies to watch as per Entrepreneur Magazine.

Another reason for Satori’s success is its ability to provide the best and safest medical travel experience to Americans. The company has established tie-ups with different top-notch and world-class hospitals in different parts of the globe. Satori has affiliate hospitals in countries like Mexico, Costa Rica, Canda, Puerto Rico, Thailand, Singapore, India, Turkey, and Philippines. The company makes sure that all of its affiliate hospitals abide by the requirements and guidelines set by its quality assurance team. Hence, all of these hospitals are duly accredited by the Joint Commission International (JCI). Additionally, these hospitals have physicians and nursing staff members who are fluent in speaking the American English language, thus, communication is not a problem.

The third apparent reason for Satori’s success is its solid management. The company is led by the best and the brightest in the healthcare industry. The company’s CEO and Founder is Steven Lash Satori, a sought-after healthcare business executive who has at least 30 years of experience in the industry. Under the leadership of Steven Lash Satori World Medical continues to excel in its industry. The company never settles for second-best, which makes it the most aggressive and most reliable medical travel company in the U.S. today.

These three factors: innovative program, efficient service, and great management, are the parts and parcel of the company’s success. These are the traits and qualities any healthcare company should have in order for it to succeed in the ever-changing and competitive industry of healthcare.