A Mini Vacation With A Purpose

Sedona Sacred Journeys are “mini-vacations”, typically one to three days, which are custom tailored to help you overcome a problem. A Spiritual Teacher and Shamanic Healer will guide you on your retreat and take you to a vortex. A vortex is a place where there is a concentrated source of healing and cleansing energy. It does not wash over people at once; retreat participants are encouraged to have no expectations and come receptive and relaxed.

 Spiritual healing in vortexes occurs when people are receptive to energy and know how to direct the energy. These are not the vortexes most people are familiar with, like the spiraling motion of water going down the drain. These are vortexes of energy found in very specific locations. Most people require a guide to help then channel this energy to where it does the most good.

 The breathtaking red rocks of Sedona are full of healing vortexes. There are many Native American shamanic traditions associated with the vortexes in Sedona. There area is also incredibly beautiful; many people come for the healing and stay for a vacation.

 There is a large New Age community in Sedona, the area is known worldwide for its amazing energy vortexes.   People come from all over the world to feel the amazing energy from this one sacred location.

.If you need emotional or spiritual healing, consider regaining your spiritual health in Sedona. Every person’s experience is different; this is why the healing is done with a guide. One person may wish to get rid of negative energy associated with cancer while another person may need to confront a person from his or her past where there are unresolved issues. After the retreat, follow is offered since going back into the everyday world invites the negative energy back into a person’s life.

 Gregory Drambour is the owner of Sedona Sacred Journeys, the premiere retreat organization in Sedona Arizona.