Skin-care Care For The Elderly

One area which is usually overlooked when it comes to incontinence problems in the elderly is the threats which it poses to the senior’s skin. The skins of the aged people are sensitive and are prone to severe damage and infection. Our urine and faecal matter contain certain harmful elements and chemicals. When these elements come in contact with the skin of the elderly it can weaken the skin and cause severe degradation. This kind of damage often leads to ulcer, lesions and rashes, which will only make the patient more uncomfortable.

Thus it is very important for the care taker to know ways to prevent such infections and ulcers. Below are ways in which you can prevent all types of rashes, infections and ulcers in the elderly:

  • Extra care needs to be taken of those people who are completely bed ridden. Make sure they don’t sleep or stay in the same pad or diaper for a long time.
  • Wash or wipe the area dry and keep it moisturised and clean.
  • If rashes still occur show the patient to a doctor.
  • Shift to highly absorbent incontinence pad if the problem persists.

One must do everything to prevent rashes from turning into ulcers. If a particular type of pad or diaper doesn’t seem to suit the patient shift to another brand and see if it works. Use mild cleansing agents and oil based cream for applying in the affected areas. can help you understand this problem in a better way.