Tips for Preventing Bone Lesions and Hip Fracture

While preventing such injury is not very easy, especially because it occurs under certain conditions and often in people with osteoporosis, and a deficit in the amount of bone mass, there are some recommendations that we leave to have into account, and thus able to avoid them.
Exercise is essential in all stages of life, as through the same keep your bones healthy and strong.
Do not drink, this is not saying we can not occasionally drink a toast with a glass of alcohol, we mean that it is not necessary to drink over it.
Avoid smoking, not only to prevent bone loss, but also to maintain healthy lungs and heart.
Eat dairy foods rich in vitamin D, many fruits and vegetables.
Visit at least once a year to the ophthalmologist, and try to keep your home and perform a safe area, thus avoiding bumping into objects, cables or mats.
The exercises you perform, shall bear the whole weight of his body, including walking, jogging, biking and so on.
Do not forget to take prescribed medication, in the case that it has been given to prevent bone loss.
Attend doctor regularly and avoid using slippery-soled shoes.