What are the roles and duties of a health psychologist?

HEALT 1From one profession to another, the areas of health psychology vary according to the pursuing careers. Finally, the duties and responsibilities are different according to different specialties of these experts of psychology. In the career of health psychologist, the duties are categorized into four different parts.

  1. Clinical health psychology: This is the field which is focused mainly on the treatment of patients. The concept of effects of behavior and lifestyle of an individual on his or her overall health is the main and focal point by the experts who are pursuing career in clinical health psychology.
  1. Community health Psychology: As the name suggests, the overall community’s health is addressed. The prevalence of disease is focused on certain communities by the professionals who are pursuing career as Los Angeles community health psychologist.
  1. Occupational health psychology: The professional life of an individual is focused in this subject. The professionals are hired by the businesses and companies to create a healthier and happier atmosphere in the office. In this field, the professionals create different office policies and arrange counseling of employees.
  1. Public Health Psychology: This is generally related with federal and public policies related with health and health programs. The professionals in this field provide healthcare services to the individuals of low income groups, influence healthcare policies by government and they also assist in organizing campaigns of public health awareness.