Alternative Treatments That Can Help Treat Anxiety

Alternative Treatments That Can Help Treat AnxietyAnxiety can be horrific for people who experience it constantly. Having bad anxiety can lead to many terrible experiences, such as rarely going outside and fear of common every-day things. What’s worse is that some anxiety medications have a long list of terrible side effects that no one wants to experience, and some of those medications might make you not feel like yourself anymore.

Fortunately, there are many alternatives to traditional anxiety treatments. Many of these alternative treatments will help you fight off your anxiety without being forced to take expensive medications that leave you feeling weird.

One of the most popular alternative treatments to anxiety is a holistic approach, and the popularity of consulting a holistic medical doctor for anxiety has increased dramatically in the past few years. Check out these holistic treatment options for anxiety and how you can benefit from choosing a holistic approach over a traditional approach.

Herbal Remedies

Many people are choosing to go the herbal route to help treat their anxiety, and it’s an incredibly great choice for a number of reasons. There are quite a few different herbs that have a natural impact on the symptoms of anxiety, and this is also a far more affordable way to go than being prescribed pills. Kava is a very promising treatment option for many anxiety sufferers, but if you have any sort of liver problems it’s not recommended.

Additionally, valerian is a popular choice for people suffering from anxiety. Valerian root can be chewed or consumed other ways, and many people taking it have reported less stress and less anxiety. Another herbal remedy to treat anxiety is passionflower, which is popular in a lot of different products. Make sure you find a product that contains 100% passionflower, as many products mix passionflower with other ingredients.

Controlled Breathing

One way that people are treating anxiety without the use of any herb or pill is to focus on their breathing. You may work with a holistic medical practitioner to develop breathing techniques that help you control any panic or anxiety attacks, so you can better address any issues should they arise in your life.

There are lots of different breathing techniques you can work on, and simply learning some of these techniques will help you better understand your anxiety and reduce its occurrences. One technique that people are using is inhaling and counting to four slowly, then exhaling and doing the same. Repeating this over and over until you have a grasp on your anxiety has proven successful.


Many holistic practitioners will recommend changing your diet to better help treat your anxiety. While this may seem weird at first, it definitely works. Adding more omega-3 fatty acids into your diet can help you treat anxiety, as odd as that may sound.

Since holistic medicine often times emphasizes alternative therapies such as breast thermography phoenix, it should come as no surprise that changing your diet is suggested to help treat anxiety. Omega-3 rich foods like fish consumed two or three times per week can also help treat other ailments like arthritis, diabetes, and ADHD.

Author Sara Fletcher is a mother of two currently seeking alternative methods to treat occasional anxiety. You can connect with Sara on Google+.