Four Easy Ways to Boost Male Fertility

Four Easy Ways to Boost Male FertilityOne of the hardest things for couples to go through in life is trouble having a baby. Fertility issues are hard for everyone, no matter how hard you’ve been trying to conceive. What makes matters worse is treatment options can be expensive, and there’s no guarantee that they will work anyways.

The average couple trying to conceive has sex four times a week, which definitely isn’t a bad thing. But if the husband is struggling with fertility issues, it can take a very long time to come to fruition. While taking fertility supplements is a great start, there are also other things that men can do to increase their fertility. Check out these ways that men can increase their fertility, so you can enjoy that little bundle of joy in your life sooner than later.

Lose Weight

Losing weight is one thing that doctors suggest in order for men to improve their fertility. Doctors have long believed that being overweight reduced fertility in men, and a recent study just proved that. As a man gains more weight, his testosterone levels fall. As those testosterone levels fall, it becomes harder and harder to conceive.

The more weight that’s gained, the greater the chance of heart problems. Heart problems also lower testosterone. Starting to exercise and losing weight will help raise those testosterone levels, which will help in the bedroom. Keep in mind that working out too much can actually lower testosterone levels, so make sure you’re not overdoing it to start.

Drink Less

Having a beer after work or enjoying a glass of wine at dinner is fine, but drinking too much can drastically reduce a man’s fertility. Heavy drinking reduces testosterone levels dramatically, which means the chances of conception drop way down.

Only one or two drinks a day is acceptable when you’re trying to conceive, and the suggested drink is wine. Wine in small amounts is less fattening than other types of alcohol, so it won’t lower your testosterone if consumed in moderate amounts.

Sleep More

While men should be taking fertility supplements and women should be taking pcos supplements, sleep is also something that should factor in your plan. Getting enough sleep is vital to men’s fertility, so try going to be a few hours early in order to maintain your testosterone levels.

Changing Your Diet

Modifying your diet to eat healthier is one of the best ways that you can improve your fertility without taking a trip to a fertility specialist. Eating more fruits and vegetables obviously improves your health, but the antioxidants inside those fruits and veggies helps improve men’s fertility.

The two most recommended vegetables to eat for those trying to conceive are spinach and broccoli, as they contain Conenzyme Q10, which can improve both energy levels and sperm motility. Skipping your mid morning granola bar and replacing it with some broccoli and a spinach salad will no doubt help improve the chances of conception, and you’ll also feel better about your diet too.

Author Sara Fletcher is a mother of two currently trying for her third. Follow Sara on Google+.