Chronic Back Pain

Chronic back painAccording to statistics, 30% of the population suffers from chronic back pain. It has been cataloged and continuous pain 3-6 months a year. A simple back pain could trigger chronic pain when damage is assumed and internalized by the muscles of the back, making it permanent.

A scientific approach to the problem

The experts agree that chronic back pain has many sides and causes can be varied. In recent years, scientists indicate that the perpetrators of this type of muscle pain are indigenous to the spine, ie those that are deep and should provide stability and protection when the rest of the back made some kind of motion. In this sense, good posture and a good rest are key to avoid such problems.

For this reason it has been postulated that chronic back pain could be due to instability arising from constant backaches. Thus, the instability would cause wear on the spinal joints, discs and vertebrae pain is manifested in more frequent and more intense, a concrete example of this is the herniated disc.


Recently found interesting evidence regarding chronic back pain. For example, we now know that the protrusions and herniations in the internal disks of the spine are the main responsible for this ailment. Thanks to TAC’s, X-rays and MRIs have been unable to find this type of pathologies that show segmental instability of the spine.

It is important then that we pay the closest possible attention to those backaches sometimes annoy us. Letting go could become a chronic condition which will be much more difficult to get rid.