Banishing Bed Bugs: How To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Banishing Bed Bugs - How To Get The Perfect Night's Sleep
Banishing Bed Bugs – How To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Despite what many may believe, bed bugs don’t carry or spread disease. This doesn’t however stop them from being a nuisance.

For something smaller than a five pence piece, it is amazing how many problems bed bugs cause. They come in the shape of six-legged, flat, reddish-brown insects that shy away during the day but come out at night (hence their names). They leave a nasty little bite, similar to a regular insect bite, by latching on to the skin and favour both human and animal hosts.


Many think bedbugs are a reaction to poor hygiene; this is however far from the case. They can however cause asthma in certain individuals. In you do find that your children or yourself wakes up with bites, the best way to treat them is to bathe the infected area in soap and water and then apply camomile lotion as this will help cease the itching. Scratching the bite is the worse thing you can do as this may cause infection.

Prevention is better than cure

In order to avoid an invasion of bed bugs, it is important to keep your home clutter-free. This requires you to avoid piling up clothes, blankets and pillows as this is where they thrive. Vacuuming the floor around the bed once a week is a great way to avoid an infestation. Bed bug faeces appear in the shape of dark, small spots so check pillowcases, bed linen boxes and mattresses for ink like flecks or pepper stakes. This is an indication that there are bedbugs in the home.

Spring clean

If you find that you do house these pests, you may use this time to spring clean or redecorate your entire room. Begin by taking a little inspiration from the likes of interior magazines, design programmes and the Internet. You may even wish to invest in a new bed. There are a number of stylish bed frames to choose from. If you wish to create a vintage feel opt for iron beds which are robustly built and sturdy. For a seaside appeal, choose a driftwood-style bed frame while for a contemporary look, a sleigh bed is ideal.

Make your bedroom comfortable

Once you have the bed in place, you may wish to match a desk, drawers and a wardrobe to the style of your bed. If you wish to make a major change, add a fresh coat of paint to one wall in order to create a vocal point.

If you don’t fancy a paint job, opt for quirky wallpaper instead. If you choose something extremely embellished, stick to just the one feature wall as applying the same wallpaper to all four walls may cause the room to feel enclosed and look smaller than it is.