How to Avoid Stress at Work

How to Avoid Stress at Work

A recent Work Stress Survey by the Harris Interactive, a market research firm, reveals that 8 in 10 American are stressed at the workplace due to one reason or another.

Low salary and unjustified workload have been potted as the top two reasons of employees being stressed. It is not advisable that you should not take stress-related symptoms lightly. You should seek medical treatment in a PCH treatment (Psychological Care & Healing) center, if you happened to be a victim of stress for long.

However, there are various natural methods to tackle work related stress at the office. Read here about some of the natural methods to avoid stress while at work.

5 Natural Methods to Avoid Stress at Work

The following natural methods can be helpful to avoid stress at your work place:

  1. Deep Breath Exercise: Average working hours in most offices ranges between 8 to 10 hours a day. This may involve a couple of team meetings and other brainstorming sessions. This raises the possibility of you getting exhausted, low energy and reduction in focus. Try simple inhale-exhale breathing exercises on your desk. A three minute deep breathing activity can give you the relief and calm of an hour long yoga session. This is sure to get you restored for the rest of the day. Try it.
  2. Keep Your Workstation Clean and Organized: A clean and well organized work place boost your mood and motivation level when you reach office. Try to keep away old files, memos, notices on the workstation that are not required.
  3. Learn Prioritization: The business environment is changing every day. This has a massive impact on your office demands and priorities. This makes it inevitable to identify what is to be done first to stand as per the expectations of your boss. Try making a things to-do list at the beginning of every day that may be helpful in meeting your tight deadlines. This improves efficiency and reduces stress.
  4. Schedule Your Work, Stay Focused – A report on the says that on an average every business professional get distracted up to 2.1 hours a day at the workplace. Thus keeping a schedule for the day makes it more productive and keep you focused whole day.
  5. Be Your Own Best CriticDr. Sharon Melnick in his blog post says that 60,000 thoughts stream through our brain every day. About 40 to 50 % of these thoughts are negative. Hence, you start criticizing yourself about the failures, lesser efficiency at work and many other issues. This in turn adds to the stress level. The solution? Try not being harsh to yourself and keep some encouraging words for yourself. Remember even Einstein failed many times in his life.

Stress can affect anyone at the work place. But there is a solution to it. The problem worsens only if you ignore it. The above discussed methods can be helpful in avoiding stress in an efficient ways. However, if this doesn’t help, one can choose to visit a comprehensive Psychological Care & Healing center that can assure you healing from any work related stress.