Workout plan for beginners

The following exercise guide will help you have a good physical condition. Ideal for those who start exercising. Exercise routine for beginners Exercise 1 • Begin this: Lie on the floor with knees bent, feet close to your body and your heels on the floor. Place your arms at your sides with palms down. Close … Continue reading “Workout plan for beginners”

Routine Abdomen – How to have a stomach of steel?

The abdomen may become a headache for most people looking to have a fitness body, the abdomen is an area that tends not naturally develop greatly or fairly easily as do the biceps, is a bit more complex physical work you have to do to get a stomach of steel. The basic exercise for this … Continue reading “Routine Abdomen – How to have a stomach of steel?”

Tips Before Lifting Weights

The exercises are always a highly recommended method to keep fit and stay healthy, however there are some preliminary recommendations that are worth taking into account, especially when it comes to lifting weights . Here are some useful tips that will help you achieve a healthy body and strong without having to suffer in the … Continue reading “Tips Before Lifting Weights”

Socks compressors: prevents injuries and improves your circulation

Jogging is not a sport to be taken lightly, therefore, using instruments such as compressors socks will help prevent injuries and increase your physical performance. The socks below the knee are the usual complement for the time to start an exercise routine, and exerting a downward compression, squeezing more level and decreasing the fingers up … Continue reading “Socks compressors: prevents injuries and improves your circulation”

Personal Trainer Courses: Outside the Gym

Many people would love to reach their fitness goals, yet would rather not spend too much time in the gym. In some ways, taking exercise outside of the gym is the best way to keep those who hate exercise interested. Personal trainer courses will teach you how to provide great workouts both inside and outside … Continue reading “Personal Trainer Courses: Outside the Gym”

4 Weight Training Tips to Avoiding Injury

Weight training is a popular exercise, and for good reason. It helps you to increase lean muscle mass while losing fat and strengthening your bones. However, weight training also comes with a high risk of injury, and it’s important to take all necessary precautions to prevent possibly getting hurt. Following are some tips that you … Continue reading “4 Weight Training Tips to Avoiding Injury”

10 Minute Trainer: Ten Minutes, New You

Can ten minutes a day really make a difference in your life? If you are using the 10 Minute Trainer it certainly can. These short power packed workouts are specially designed to provide you with just the right exercises that are needed to allow you to see results without a huge time commitment. No more … Continue reading “10 Minute Trainer: Ten Minutes, New You”