Banishing Bed Bugs: How To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep

Despite what many may believe, bed bugs don’t carry or spread disease. This doesn’t however stop them from being a nuisance. For something smaller than a five pence piece, it is amazing how many problems bed bugs cause. They come in the shape of six-legged, flat, reddish-brown insects that shy away during the day but … Continue reading “Banishing Bed Bugs: How To Get The Perfect Night’s Sleep”

8 Natural Remedies Against Respiratory Allergies

Having some discomfort seems quite a challenge for anyone who suffers from respiratory allergies, as well as being constant and attack when you least expect it may be impossible to attack. So here are some home remedies to keep in mind when attacking respiratory allergies. 1. Take water. Best thing is to clean up any … Continue reading “8 Natural Remedies Against Respiratory Allergies”

Natural Antihistamines

Histamine is a protein that plays an important role in various allergic reactions. One of the body’s reactions when exposed to an allergen is releasing histamine. This compound causes sneezing, watery eyes, itching and mucus. Furthermore, an antihistamine is a remedy which is used to counteract the actions of histamine. While histamine is not the … Continue reading “Natural Antihistamines”

Naturally cleanse the digestive system

The digestive system is in charge of food processing and ensure that these nutrients are absorbed by the body to make the most of their properties. Today we explain the benefits of the juice to cleanse the digestive system naturally. With the pace of daily life that we most likely will not feed us properly, … Continue reading “Naturally cleanse the digestive system”