Know the danger of insulin resistance?

A dangerous factor to health diagnosed increasingly in medical consultations, characterized by the onset of insulin resistance, which increases the likelihood of developing the disease known as Type 2 diabetes There is a fact that catches the eye in evolution and global disease is that the number of adults with diabetes has increased excessively between … Continue reading “Know the danger of insulin resistance?”

The 11 Diseases or Health Conditions More Expensive (USD $ per year)

This Blog presents the 11 medication medical costs Americans more expensive, due to various factors that you and I must avoid. Heart Disease: $ 95.6 billion More than 80 million Americans have cardiovascular disease, which claims more than 860,000 lives a year. Heart disease is the U.S. health status more expensive, according to the U.S. … Continue reading “The 11 Diseases or Health Conditions More Expensive (USD $ per year)”

Europe Sought Strategies to Combat Diabetes

Diabetes has reached extreme levels of global epidemic, killing 325,000 people annually in Europe alone. The European Parliament and the Parliament have called for the creation of an EU strategy to prevent the risk of diabetes in thousands of Europeans. Early diagnosis of diabetes is one of the issues that most impact in Europe, where … Continue reading “Europe Sought Strategies to Combat Diabetes”