11 tips to prevent contamination of food and care for your family

Know what to consider when shopping, cooking and storing food When it comes to the welfare of your family at the table, it is important to consider not only the taste and quality of ingredients, but also how to buy, cook and store them to prevent contamination of the food you serve your loved ones. … Continue reading “11 tips to prevent contamination of food and care for your family”

Hunger Suppressants are Soluble Fibers, Hoodia Gordonii, and protein

The use of proteins as an aid to weight loss is widely known by Dukan diet diets like the Atkins diet, Zone diet, the Montignac diet and so many others about which we have discussed in the section Analysis of Diets famous. Hoodia Gordonii is an herb from Africa and sold as a hunger suppressant. … Continue reading “Hunger Suppressants are Soluble Fibers, Hoodia Gordonii, and protein”

Food for Osteoarthritis

People with arthritis and arthritis may experience severe pain in the bones to perform simple tasks, including those that relate to preparing and eating meals, so you have to prepare diets with simple menus and easy to prepare. Furthermore, it should be noted that when reduced mobility, it also reduces the activity, and therefore caloric … Continue reading “Food for Osteoarthritis”

Properties and Benefits of Spinach

The greens are as good plant food with excellent nutritional properties. Moreover, being composed largely of water, your calorie intake is very low, making it ideal for people who are doing diets. Can be found in the fruit stores and markets throughout the year, although the best time is during the fall and winter. Chard … Continue reading “Properties and Benefits of Spinach”

Interactions Between Food and Drugs

When we see the need or obligation to take any medication to cure, we must bear in mind that the food we eat can have some effect on these drugs. In some cases these effects will be positive, increasing drug efficacy or helping to reduce side effects, but sometimes the effects can be negative and … Continue reading “Interactions Between Food and Drugs”