Generalized Anxiety

The primary symptom of Generalized Anxiety Disorder is the almost constant presence of worry or tension, even when there is little or no cause. Worries seem to float from one problem to another, such as family or interpersonal relationships, work issues, money, health and other problems. Even when aware that their worries or fears are … Continue reading “Generalized Anxiety”

Psychoanalytic Approach to Generalized Anxiety Disorder

In 1894 Freud described a symptom complex that gives the name of anxiety neurosis (what today is known as anxiety disorder) because all components can be grouped around the main one that is anxiety. The contribution to psychiatry is this description is crucial, because until then this neurosis was included in a sort of mixed … Continue reading “Psychoanalytic Approach to Generalized Anxiety Disorder”

Symptoms of generalized anxiety

Generalized anxiety disorder is a medical condition that affects many people around the world. The symptoms of generalized anxiety is enough. Usually the patient is under stress, worry, obsess, and feels that he understands what will happen in the future, and feel that only he or she feels well and can not escape from this … Continue reading “Symptoms of generalized anxiety”