Changing health habits in 7 steps

The person who has suffered a cardiovascular event is challenged to recover and meet your medical treatment. Another key dimension for rehabilitation, has to do with your lifestyle, your exercise routines, food, etc. and psycho-emotional health. If you have experienced any or ischemic heart disease, Psychocardiology portal, powered by psychologist and rehabilitative Celia Ramos, will … Continue reading “Changing health habits in 7 steps”

The gluten-free diet, fashion or necessity?

It is increasingly common to find stores and restaurants to buy food “gluten free”. And many people have decided to eliminate gluten from your diet completely, with the conviction that it is bad for health, makes them fat or hurts them. This has resulted in a new fashion, even a health need for many people … Continue reading “The gluten-free diet, fashion or necessity?”

What is called health and disease?

What is health? • According to the (WHO): The state of complete physical, mental and social wellbeing and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity. What is the disease? • It is the presence of signs, symptoms, changes in behavior or psychological manifestations, denoting the existence of physical or mental disorders, which result the … Continue reading “What is called health and disease?”

New Alerts About Using Sleeping Pills

Many people could be damaging their health by sleeping medications autorecetarse, warn scientists in the UK. Researchers at the Royal Pharmaceutical Society conducted a survey with 2077 people to get their sleep habits and sleep medication use in this population. They found that more than half think you have insomnia, undiagnosed, and taking medication without … Continue reading “New Alerts About Using Sleeping Pills”

Tips for Preventing Bone Lesions and Hip Fracture

While preventing such injury is not very easy, especially because it occurs under certain conditions and often in people with osteoporosis, and a deficit in the amount of bone mass, there are some recommendations that we leave to have into account, and thus able to avoid them. Exercise is essential in all stages of life, … Continue reading “Tips for Preventing Bone Lesions and Hip Fracture”