Seniors Most Common Diseases and Conditions

Diseases and disorders in the elderly Third Age is a term used to refer to the population of elderly or old, at this stage of life, the body deteriorates, old age is synonymous with old age and old age. This group of people, retired about 65 years of age or older is a risk group … Continue reading “Seniors Most Common Diseases and Conditions”

For what Appears to Osteoarthritis

Arthritis occurs as a result of wear of articular , a tissue that is between the bones and absorbs shock between them. Once it has appeared, advancing gradually, mainly affecting areas like the spine, knees, hands and hips. Risk factors are age, because as time goes by cartilage wear is greater and more likely to … Continue reading “For what Appears to Osteoarthritis”

Food for Osteoarthritis

People with arthritis and arthritis may experience severe pain in the bones to perform simple tasks, including those that relate to preparing and eating meals, so you have to prepare diets with simple menus and easy to prepare. Furthermore, it should be noted that when reduced mobility, it also reduces the activity, and therefore caloric … Continue reading “Food for Osteoarthritis”