The stress at bay!

In this “crazy life” that we stress can be causing health problems unknowingly as this tension (sometimes inevitable), held in the body, can cause minor discomfort worse if not handled in a healthy way. The best way to manage stress is to realize that there is a tension that often accompanies or most of the … Continue reading “The stress at bay!”

Music Reduces Anxiety

Make listening to music while patients undergo a surgical procedure reduces anxiety and can even help your recovery, says a study. Research carried out at the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford, England, found that the quiet melodies and folk songs can have a calming effect on patients undergoing anesthesia who are awake during the operation. … Continue reading “Music Reduces Anxiety”

Stress: Definition – Types – Degrees – Adaptation

Stress is natural and automatic response of our body to the situations that are threatening or challenging. Our life and our environment, constantly changing, requires us to continually adjusted, so a certain amount of stress (activation) is required. In general we tend to believe that stress is a result of circumstances beyond our control, when … Continue reading “Stress: Definition – Types – Degrees – Adaptation”